Why I’m growing a ‘stache for Movember 2013

Photo credit: Movember Canada

Photo credit: Movember Canada

Today marks the start of Movember 2013, an annual month-long campaign – now in its 10th year – in which folks grow and sustain moustaches throughout November in the name of men’s health (particularly, prostate cancer and mental health). For the second consecutive year, I’m participating. That’s right, I’m doing my part to change the face of men’s health by, literally, changing my face.

Last year, among friends and family, I was compared to Groucho Marx and William Riker from Star Trek. I’ve never been one to try to grow a ‘stache as I never know how it’ll turn out. I usually go for the clean shaven look.

So, how come I’m doing it?

How come I’m embarking on a month-long journey to grow a mo and bracing myself to look ridiculous? Last year, a family member was diagnosed with prostate cancer. And I have friends and family members who have faced mental health issues. Since it’s a cause that has affected a range of people and families worldwide, I feel obliged to do what I can.

It isn’t just about raising funds, but awareness as well – awareness about mental health, awareness about prostate cancer and awareness about the importance of getting tested. When I spoke to Ali Salem, a friend of mine from Montreal about his motivations for participating in Movember last year (it was also his first time), he raised a really good point. “The key factor is that it triggers people around you who aren’t used to seeing you in a moustache,” he says. “They ask you about it and it’s a good opportunity to tell them about the cause.”

Day one: clean-shaven

Day one: clean-shaven

So, check out my mo space. If you can pitch in a few bucks, great. If you can share, or comment on, my page, great too (remember, it’s also about awareness). I’ll be posting updates and photos here and on my mo space at the end of every week.

If you’re growing a mo this year for Movember, what’s your motivation? Please share your story in the comments section below.

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