Stutter Social hosted Hangout on Air to raise awareness of stuttering

I promise this is my third and final post for National Stuttering Awareness Week. I’m going for the trifecta.

As the week draws to a close, Stutter Social broadcasted a Google+ Hangout on Air last night, featuring a panel of participants from across the international stuttering community, in an effort to raise awareness of stuttering.

The panel consisted of folks who stutter, including myself, from a range of regions such as Canada, the United States and India. We were even joined by someone who doesn’t stutter, who wanted to learn more about it.

We chatted about a range of topics, including what stuttering is, how it feels to stutter, maintaining eye contact while stuttering, and common myths and misconceptions about stuttering (which I blogged about yesterday).

The playback video is available is on YouTube and is embedded above. Please feel free to read my recap of the Hangout on Air for the Stutter Social blog as well.

And remember – anyone with an interest in stuttering can ask me questions at any time. Although the week is wrapping up, awareness is ongoing.

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