New brand, new blog

I’ve finally registered a domain name for myself. So, I’ve decided this would be the perfect opportunity to rebrand myself and revitalize my blog.

Starting now, I’ll be blogging about a number of things. Among them will be my thoughts on journalism and public relations, especially as someone who has his feet in both worlds.

Additionally, I’ll be blogging about social media, particularly its impact on community-building and mental health. As Communications Director for Stutter Social, an online community that uses Google+ Hangouts to connect people who stutter from worldwide, I’ve been able to bear witness to the impact that digital channels such as Google+ can have on people’s lives.

Speaking of which, I’ll also be blogging about stuttering. About one per cent of the world stutters and I’m one of those people. Thanks to organizations like the National Stuttering Association in the U.S. and my involvement in Stutter Social and the Canadian Stuttering Association, I’ve begun opening up more about my stuttering. With that, I’ve also started to use my experiences to help others who stutter, and make an impact in the national and international stuttering community.

In fact, with tomorrow being International Stuttering Awareness Day, stay tuned for a blog post about it!


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