Movember 2012: Part Four

It’s officially the last week of Movember! Looking back at the last few weeks, I am pleasantly surprised by how my mo came out. I’m proud of myself. It isn’t every day that I venture out of my comfort zone for a good cause. And believe me, I consider growing a moustache venturing out of my comfort zone.

Week two

Week three

This past week, I also spoke to Ben Wilinofsky, another first-time Mo-Bro from Vancouver, about his motivations for participating this year.

Photo credit: Ben Wilinofsky

For Wilinofsky, what motivated him was Movember’s decision to support a second cause this year in addition to prostate cancer: men’s mental health.

“I suffer from depression and acute anxiety,” he says. “So it’s something close to my heart.”

And Wilinofsky says there needs to be less stigma attached to mental health issues. “It’s very easy for people to get the wrong idea about what goes on in people’s minds. People can’t see mental illness. There should be more discussion about it in the public sphere. I thought this was an excellent chance to raise a little bit of money towards the issue, and raise awareness and get people talking about it.

In the past few weeks, that’s exactly what he did. “I’ve raised about $1,600. People have been sending me messages. I’ve had about seven or eight people on Facebook sharing my blog posts on my battles with depression.  I’ve gotten messages from people who have been going through the same thing. The amount of support has been unbelievable.”

In terms of his mo style, Wilinofsky likes to call it “the three musketeers,” fashioning his mo after d’Artagnan.

If you want to support Wilinofsky’s Movember campaign, check out his mo space and have a look at his own blog post about Movember!

As we approach the end of Movember, stay tuned for one more blog post wrapping up the month of mos, mos and more mos! And as always, feel free to share what motivated you to participate in Movember this year.

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