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As you may or may not know, I’m on the steering committee for this year’s Relay For Life for Richmond Hill in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. On Thursday evening, we had an exciting kick-off event to launch this year’s Relay. But that wasn’t the only exciting news.

On Wednesday afternoon, much to my surprise and delight, I was contacted by Jacqueline Betterton, the producer and one of the hosts of daytime York Region with Rogers TV. “JUST had a cancellation for our morning show tomorrow,” she told me in an email. “Would Relay For Life be interested in coming on our morning show to chat about the event tomorrow evening?”

As soon as I walk in, the Rogers folks direct me to the green room by the studio.

As soon as I walk in, the Rogers folks direct me to the green room by the studio.

The next morning, I was in the studio with Laura Parsons, Fundraising Coordinator for the Canadian Cancer Society’s South York Region Unit and my Relay colleague, getting ready to go on air at 10:20am.

Once we were on air (and live), any nerves I felt had ceased. Betterton and Jeff Moore, the other half of the daytime York Region duo, were great hosts. They put the story together very well. While they interviewed Parsons about the event itself (both the Relay and Thursday night’s kick-off event), they asked me about my own volunteer experiences, what drew me to get involved and how others can as well.

As I had told Betterton and Moore, I’m incredibly excited about being involved in such a great event and to be able to support so many families that have been touched by cancer, including my own. The opportunity to share my experiences on television was an unexpected perk. You can watch the interview here.

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