Five reasons to attend PodCamp Toronto 2013

This weekend marks PodCamp Toronto 2013 (PCTO), one of Canada’s largest gatherings of digital media folks, held this year on February 23 and 24 at Ryerson University’s Rogers Communications Centre.

This will also be my second consecutive year of being a part of PCTO. Having served on the community management team last year, I decided to step up this year and become part of the organizing committee. Together with fellow co-organizer and former community management team member Dr. Vibe, we’re charged with managing volunteers.

Almost 1,000 digital media folks attended PodCamp Toronto in February 2012. Photo credit: HiMY SYeD

Almost 1,000 digital media folks gathered inside Ryerson University’s Rogers Communications Centre last February for PodCamp Toronto 2012. Photo credit: HiMY SYeD / photopia

What exactly is PCTO, you ask? For starters, it’s an unconference. In other words, participants drive the event rather than it being a conventional conference. Participants host and submit sessions, and, therefore, provide all the programming.

And the PCTO community consists of well, anyone, with an interest in digital media – this includes podcasters, marketers, public relations professionals, content creators, bloggers, web designers and developers.

Beyond the fact that I’m a content creator and PR pro, there are five things in particular that I get out both attending and organizing PCTO. Here are my top five reasons:

  • Learning: Above all, PCTO is a great place to learn something new when it comes to digital media, whether it’s during workshops or chatting with folks in between workshops. You really never know what you’re going to walk away with upon exiting the Rogers Communications Centre.
  • Networking: It’s also a great place to network. As I said, PCTO attracts pretty much anyone with an interest in social media from Toronto and across Canada. So don’t forget your business cards!
  • The friendships. Last year, I even had the opportunity to develop friendships with some of them I have met, including Daniele Rossi, Adam Weitner and Dr. Vibe (my former community management team members).
  • The sessions. I obviously can’t forget the flurry of sessions that participants take the time to prepare and present. This year, about 60 sessions have been submitted.
  • The community. And overall, it’s the opportunity to be part of a cool community of folks with a common interest in social media. We share experiences, knowledge and perspectives. It’s about hundreds of of digital media folks  coming together for an amazing weekend!

In addition, check out fellow co-organizer Karim Kanji‘s top 10 reasons for attending PCTO this weekend. Are you planning on attending? If so, what are you most looking forward to about it? If not, you can still join us virtually by following along with the #PCTO13 hashtag!

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